One Dog Story game

Game Porting
The game was inspired by Cave Story and our game designer's childhood dream (his name's Evgeny Asanov). Evgeny had a dog and he wanted him to be more like a human being so that they could talk and become friends. Sadly, later the dog had to be sent away. Perhaps that is why the plot is so naive, nostalgic and a bit on the melancholy side.

There was a major accident in an old military lab. Playing EO-43, a genetically modified dog, you have to find out who you are, who created you, and why. On your way you'll meet many characters, both scientists and some guinea pigs from this lab, and also fight people. As you play your way through the game, you'll be confronted with many dangers, traps, and various monsters that resulted from failed genetic experiments in the lab. You'll have to find your way out and help the protagonist get to the truth, learn who he is and find out why EO-43's owner, a little girl, had to die when he was still an ordinary dog. The game lets you choose between several endings, it's completely up to you which one you'll get.

The game, which took about 1.5 years to make, was developed by a team of five people. For many of them it was the first experience in creating a game of this genre. Although the game does have some rough edges here and there, it's an excellent platformer with various enemies, locations and puzzles hatched and nurtured with a lot of love and effort. The game also boasts an excellent soundtrack specially composed for us as well as fantastic sound effects. All this creates a unique atmosphere of old-school platformers.

The game has stood the test of time. It's been on Steam for 3 years now during which time we fixed all bugs, rebalanced game difficulty and put a few more finishing touches based on the feedback from our players. Now we are very excited to present the game to Xbox owners. For the console version, we have polished the game, increased the speed of the main character, modified the leveling and rebalanced some bosses.

I hope you'll love playing the game as much as we did developing it. Enjoy!